Thursday, 18 May 2017

Review: Sleek Baby Diaper Rash Cream

After a few short ride, its time to tell you the result using Sleek Baby Diaper Rash Cream as substitute of chamois cream. First, i applied the cream in my skin, not in chamois pad. Second, during the test, i only used a road BIB/short and used XC and road bike. The course was vary, from beaten road to good surface road. 

So what the results?

1. After applied in my skin, it felt natural like lot of sweat concentrate in one place, sleek but almost odorless

2. During the test, i don't have allergic or rash issue

3. It help prevent my crotch from scratch because countless friction between my skin, pads, pants and saddle when cycling

4. It doesn't help protect my bum from impact, i still felt sore when seated across the beaten road.

5. After washed the shorts/BIB, i didn't see any stain in the pads, neither in my saddle's too



Sleek Baby Diaper Rash Cream it work (for me) as a substitute of chamois cream. With price around Rp 30.000 for 80 ml its bang for the bucks and the tube design make us can carry the cream in back pocket.

Bear in your mind, if you wanna try it, i didn't responsible for any result you have.

Ride On!

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