Thursday, 4 May 2017

In Search: Chamois Cream Substitute

Sometimes, ergonomic saddle and good padding pant doesn't protect your crotch from blister, especially if you ride century or tour. Some people i know can enjoy a hundred km ride without blister crotch just using a regular short, Unfortunately, i'm not the one of them. 

So, after a countless ride and countless blister in my crocth, i have a will to try using chamois cream. after a few clicks, i think again, again, and buy that cream. Why? The problem was their price. I found their price start from Rp 200.000 for 100ml tube. Wow! It just need a few ride before the tube run dry, hiks...

So...chamois cream stay in wish list for now. I started google it to found chamois cream substitute. Generally, netizen say you can substitute chamois cream with:

1. Vaseline
2. Diaper rash cream
3. Coconut oil

There's plenty of option, and they are all cheaper than chamois cream! So its time to try that things. Stay tune for the result.

Ride On!

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