Sunday, 7 May 2017

First Look: Sleek Baby Diaper Rash Cream

Okay, the title seems awkward in this blog, but...if you read my previous post "In Search: Chamois Cream Substitute" you will know this article still relate with cycling :). After a few medical shop sight seeing and asked, i found this diaper rash cream in one of mini market, wkwkwkkw.

The tube contain 80ml of cream and the price only around Rp 30.000 (CMIIW). Why i choose this product? 

1. The smell is good for myself
2. Cheap (FYI, there's a same product with different brand cheaper than this)
3. I kinda like the colour scheme of the tube, white and purple :D
4. If i'm satisfied with it, i can easily find it

The feature of this product is "...specially formulated with natural anti-Irritant, moisturizer, and antibacterial with pH 5.5..."  Ok, i found 2 point i needed from this cream, anti irritant and moisturizer. I will do couple ride with it and tell you the result.

Stay Tune.

Ride On!

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