Tuesday, 16 May 2017

First Look: Prompt Toe Strap

Honestly, its been a years i wanna bought a toe strap, but in that time the price its kinda high. I don't think they worth that much. A few weeks ago, i accidentally see "Prompt" toe strap at local online shop and that thing have a decent price around Rp50.000. Ok, i think that's a fair price for toe strap and few days ago, the toe strap was landed in my home.

I don't care about the packaging, so i have fully attention in that strap alone. Its a black colour with dark grey "PROMPT" embroidery on upper side, pretty elegant. But, when i see the strap, i doubt this strap will have a long age (i hope i'm wrong). The strap was thin and soft, its easier to installed it in my MKS Sylvan pedals but i predict it will be hard to slip in on the ride (and maybe cut it out after a few skid). 

At a glance, it had a cheap price, a great look but i worried about the strength. Stay tune for the review.

Ride On!

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