Friday, 31 March 2017

What Is A Good Bicycle?

Maybe you read in magazine the roadbike A better than roadbike B, or you hear your friends say "i have a good time in bicycle C..frame was stiff  bla, bla, bla..." But, the classic problem will appears, if that thing work for them, did it work good for you too?

In a good bike, design, materials, and construction are well-balanced and suit the intended purpose and cost of the machine. An ultra-light, aerodynamic time-trial bike made for the Tour de France and built of advanced composite materials, and a crude cargo bike made for hauling bananas to market in Nicaragua and built of crude mild steel, can both be good machines.

Low cost is essential. For the Tour contender, exotic design, space-age materials, and high-tech construction; for the banana-carrier, a simple design, easily-worked mild steel, and rudimentary joinery. A good bike is honest. It does the job it sets out to do, is made with good and efficient use of materials, and will stand up.

To put it complicated (:D hahahahaha) a good bicycle its depends on:

1. Frame material and design
2. Suspension or vertical compliance
3. Wheels
4. Transmission
5. Brakes
6. Handlebars, stem and saddle

But i don't talk about that now.

Whatever the pedigree, whatever the job, good bikes are well found and well-executed. A bicycle is a vehicle for you, and while it is important to give any new bike a fair trial and strive to learn how to get the best out of it, you do the work and the riding, and you either get results, or you don't. Ride, and the difference between an honest bike made to do the best it can, and one that is badly built or only a marketing idea, will usually become apparent. 


A good bike is one you like because it works for you.

Ride On!

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