Thursday, 30 March 2017

Tech Talk: Bastion Road Bike

Technology and art have always combined in bicycles. One man’s treasure is another man’s poison, hanging off a bang up-to-date creation, the beauty, and elegance of a bicycle are indisputable. Bastion Cycles are taking this perfect marriage up a notch by ‘Engineering a New Art Form’

The Bastion uses 3D-printed titanium lugs, filament-wound carbon tubes and a computer-optimised design offering bespoke geometry and stiffness levels tuned to your preference. Rather than being created in moulds using sheets of pre-preg carbon, Bastion’s tubes are fabricated in Australia using a filament-winding process that offers a high level of influence over the bike’s characteristics.

Ribbed Lugs

Using titanium powder, the machines use lasers to melt the powder layer by layer to construct an incredibly detailed and supposedly strong structure.  McGeary went onto explain how the ride can be changed – “we’re putting ribs in the titanium (lugs); with this we can tune the compliance and stiffness of the bike. If you want a really compliant ride, we can take ribs out, if you want a stiff and aggressive bike, we add in ribs.” It also creates the stunning finish of the carbon tubes.

Distinctive Wave
Mixed material carbon and titanium bikes are nothing new, but the processes being used for the titanium lugs particularly certainly are, but it is yet to be used to this level or on so many key structural parts of the bike frame.

All of the tech aside; the lug shapes, dropouts, finishes and variations in tubing thicknesses being produced by Bastion result in striking-looking bikes that you cannot help but fall in love with. They’re beautiful. ‘The distinctive weave has become part of our design DNA,’ says Bastion founder Ben Schultz. ‘This wasn’t our intention. We’d planned to paint the tubing, but we’re yet to have a customer who wants that.’

During the construction process, Bastion supply prospective customers with one of the most clear and concise frame drawings. In addition, a file is sent to customers which enable the customer to view and play with a full 3D model of their new bike via a readily available app. Each Bastion frame is given an ‘Engineering Report’, which projects the frame onto a scatter diagram of riding and stiffness qualities of other frames for comparison. Different options are given to the consumer – ‘Regular’, ‘Stiff’ or ‘Extra Stiff’.’


Ride On!

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