Sunday, 26 February 2017

Tech Talk: Palladini Cinisello Hub

Palladini Cinisello Hub

Sometimes, old parts its doesn't mean out of date. If you lucky enough, you can see old parts with interesting design and didn't exist again in this era. Palladini hub its one of the old part with unique design. These are unusual in that when the rear wheel is removed the sprockets remain in the frame. It make us easier to remove or install the rear wheel. No hassle and struggle with the chain. I wonder why modern hub today doesnt apply this tech.

Oh, i almost forget...Palladini hub seems have a competitor from Cinelli, its called bivalent hub (more on this later). Let's enjoy the pic below:

The hub, skewer and axle

Sprocket stay when rear hub removed
Interesting right?


Ride On!

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