Thursday, 23 February 2017

Tech Talk: Canyon Speedmax CF SLX 2017

Canyon Speedmax CF SLX

How does the new Canyon Speedmax CF SLX differ from the old version? Firstly, “We didn’t have to compromise. We think we’ve produced the best bike for TT and tri,” says senior product engineer Michael Adomeit. It’s faster, too, he explains: “The frameset saves around four watts at 45km/h, but the better integration of storage and hydration of course helps to save further watts. If you were riding a round bottle at the seat tube and switch to the integrated stem-mount bottle, then you’ll gain around 7W more.” The Canyon Speedmax CF SLX is UCI legal, with the integrated front bottle and bento box removed. 

The biggest change to the frame is the dramatically steeper seat tube angle. The old bike pushed riders with longer legs too far back behind the BB. Product engineer Wolfgang Kohl explains the change: “During development two things changed: the new TT rules of the UCI allow smaller riders to sit more to the front, and stub-nosed saddles have become the norm. Both things made us think that a new angle for the seat tube is necessary.”

Hidden brake

The brakes are protected behind a flexible polymer cover, making them easier to access for assembly and maintenance. The fork dropouts can be adjusted too, something Canyon calls ‘Rake Shift’. It’s a cool idea that enables a rider to tailor the handling of the bike. 
Of course, how a bike leaves you for the run is more about your position than anything else. The steep seat tube of the new Speedmax makes it possible to achieve a glute-friendly posture right over, or even in front of, the BB. “They’re specced based on our extensive knowledge and experience and we believe them to be correct for the job,” Adomeit say. The biggest challenge might be holding yourself back on a bike that just wants to go so fast.

Storage Solutions

A bento box in Canyon Speedmax CF SLX

The Bento box’s slit top gives easy access on the move while keeping your bars secure. The 600ml capacity is the same as a small bottle. There’s a quick refill opening at the front and room for two bottles behind the saddle on a removable adapter to save you resorting to aerodynamically compromised bottle locations on the frame. Canyon tell us that the nose bottle is ‘aero neutral’, integrating so smoothly with the frame that it adds no drag. But it does add a large surface to the front end of the bike and in crosswinds, causing a steering reaction.

Integrated toolbox in toptube

The bottle is easy to slide on and off depending on your preference. There is also a neat integrated toolbox in front of the seat post clamp. This is an aerodynamic solution for storing a multi tool, inner tube and CO2 inflator. Last, you can add seattube bottle cage to bring more fuel. its work with single or double bottle cage.


Ride On!

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