Sunday, 25 December 2016

Tour Rig: Tout Terrain Xplore

Tout Terrain Xplore

Tout Terrain makes good quality bikes for all purposes. The bikes are built in Europe, and as the name suggests, they can cope with rough terrain. Tout Terrain has won many prestigious awards for several of their bikes and much of the accessories they offer. Tout terrain is characterized by a constant innovative approach to advanced technology, mobility focus and a nice clean and elegant design. As they put it: "We will continue to abide by the philosophy that Coco Chanel once so aptly articulated: "Fashion changes – style remains" We will continue to invest our energy and effort into creating innovative, beautiful, timeless products that will guarantee you lots of cycling pleasure.”

Integrated rear rack

The German designed 29ers Tout Terrain Tanami Xplore, is like no touring bike you would have seen before, for starters, Tout Terrain Tanami Xplore uses a Dedacciai steel and it has a custom-butted down tube designed specifically to cope with loaded riding. The bike has a  had three bo le cage mounts, mid-fork eyelets, and maximum load capacity of 160kg including the rider, with a 40kg limit on the integrated rear rack. The dropouts and all of the braze-ons are made from rust-proof stainless steel and the frame is then powder coated in Tout Terrains own facility to maximise corrosion resistance.

Pinion Gearbox

Second, the gears are integrated into the bottom bracket. They use Pinion gearbox. Developed by engineers for Porsche, Pinion's P1.18 gearbox is fully internal, like a gear hub, but much more versatile. All up, there are 18 speeds with sequential increments of 11.5%, greater than the 14 speeds offered by Rolhoff. All up, the gear range is 636% with no overlapping like on a derailleur system, making it the widest of any gear system on the market. The internal nature of the Pinion gearbox makes it less prone to problems and low maintenance, requiring an oil change just once a year. The system should last 60,000km.

Tout Terrain TBA, you can adjust chain/tension here

Last, the frame incorporates a unique system for tensioning the chain - Tout Terrains innovative TBA (Triangular Belt Adjusment) system allows the gearbox to pivot on two central bolts, which tensions the transmission from the gearbox end and enables the use of belt drive transmission.

If 29ers too big for you or you scare cant find spare inner tube on your journey, take a look at Tout Terrain Silkroad Xplore. Its a little brother from Tanami Xplore, using 26 wheels with same DNA and with Tanami Xplore.


  • Pinion Gearbox
  • Integrated Rear rack
  • Triangular Belt Adjusment
  • Built to be loaded


Ride On!

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