Wednesday, 14 December 2016

Adora-Bike: Van Dessel WTF

Van Dessel WTF

Van Dessel is a company based in New Jersey with a strong racing pedigree, especially in cyclocross. Van Dessel prides itself on designing versatile bikes that defy categorization, a trend that started with the company’s legendary Country Road Bob. Other than perhaps looking like a Retrotec, the Whiskey Tango Foxtrot is quite unique in appearance and ride. Both the frame and fork aren’t designed with the stiffer-is-better philosophy, and the curved tubes and steel fork offer a classy aesthetic.

Van Dessel WTF Frameset

The durable double butted 4130 chromoly Whiskey Tango Foxtrot, or WTF can be many bikes. It can be a road bike, a cruiser, a fixie, a townie, a cross bike, a full-rigid 29-er, or monster cross. It sure is versatile and as well as rocking an eye-catching look with those twin top tubes. the frame is quite traditional, geometry is dialed so you can use drop bar or flat bars, external routed cables, a steel fork and a non-tapered steerer tube. 

You can run with belt drive too
There are rack and mudguard mounts front and rear, and huge amounts of clearance, especially at the back where there’s no brake bridge between the seatstays, while the driveside chainstay slims into a flat plate towards the bottom bracket. Modular dropout inserts offer quick-release and thru-axle (12x142 rear and 15x100 front) wheel compatibility. Also, you can run a belt drive with this frame.

It is all of those things in one bicycle. About the only restrictions are that it’s disc-brake only, and won’t take a modern suspension fork (the geometry is not suspension corrected and the steerer tube is 1-1/8-inch rather than tapered).


  • Dual curve top tube
  • Flatbar and dropbar geometry dialled
  • Very versatile setup


Seatstay: The tubes connect seattube with rear end

Chainstay: The tubes connect BB house with rear end


Ride On!

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