Wednesday, 23 November 2016

Adora-Bike: Rivendell Joe Appaloosa

Rivendell Joe Appaloosa

Time seems to stand still at Rivendell Bicycle Works. Want the latest and greatest? Carbon framesets, disc brakes, electronic shifting? You are cordially invited to shop elsewhere. But if you seek comfortable, durable steel with sensible, reliable components, you’ve come to the right shop.

Joe Appaloosa Badge

The Joe is an all rounder bike. It’s not for stunts, boulder-bouncing, or loaded expeditionary off-road touring, but as a trail bike for sober. The Joe is a killer touring bike that easily handles fire trails, though. Larger sizes get a double top tube and 700c wheels; smaller sizes get 26" wheels and a single top tube.

It’s good with tires as small as 35mm and as fat as 50mm (with a fender). A fender whisperer can make it work with a 53mm tire, but if you need to ride fatter than 50mm, you must be riding in dirt, and if you’re riding dirt in the rain, fenders will just jam up with mud.

Beautiful fork crown
Compared to mainstream bikes, the whole Joe is a quirk, the frame is CrMo steel, with SILVER brand tubes and fully lugged (both, tubing and lugs produce by Rivendell). The crown is a new beauty, internally known as No. 6. The bolts at top the ornate fork crown will accept a Tubus rear rack and some Nitto racks. Rivendell recommends its Nitto Mark’s M1 rack, which lets you carry an additional 4.4 pounds up front.

Loaded and Roll


Toptube: The tube link between the headtube and seattube.


Ride On!

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