Wednesday, 24 August 2016

Running Diary: Why I Run?

No, just need a new challange
Like cycling, actually running its bean a part of my life since childhood. I know running since the first time i know basketball game, in 6th grader.  I've active played basketball until of my high school life its over. In collage, i stopped doing anything workout (thing that i regretted). After finished my collage, i entered a work of world, dove in paper work bla, bla, bla until my weight rocketed to 80kg and my physical endurance sucks me out.

In 2010, i started cycling in search of fun an still doing that until now. But like you already know, the more you do, the more intense time and effort you must spend it. Behind that, i started to boring do the same workout day by day in 6 years. So, there's a two thing behind the reason, need a intense sport can do in short time, and second, need a new challenge.

I've started running in 2015. but cant do it more than 1 km without calf strain. Crap...that thing always stopped me doing that. Everything sucks till i bought calf compression sleeve in December 2015. With calf compression sleeve in legs, its helped me to reduce the pain in my calf when running. But the beginning i just can do run a few meter before run out of air and feel the pain in my entire body. Looks like my 6th year experience in cycling can't helped a lot in running.

My running problem lies in a poor running technique and bad habits, a heel strike. After spend countless times to read articles and litelatures, i'll slowly build a proper technique to run. Buying calf sleeve compression in December 2015 it a big game changer. That things help me eliminate calf strain so i have a more time and opportunity to run.

Change the habit and running technique its not easy and fast. Its slow and f##king hurts process! In June-July 2016 its the though times. I ran almost everyday with fully concentration to do proper technique and throw away the bad habit. Its only 1km but i felt very tired.

In August 2016, i started to reap what i sow. My running its further and faster than before. Now i can enjoy 3K run with 7:40 pace in mixed terrain without blow my lung and hurt my foot. The progress its good and make me happy. I have a goal to do 5K in this year and look like in right way to go.  

Run On!

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