Tuesday, 23 August 2016

Live or Die, Roadbike Tech Today and Tomorrow

In a past recent years, we see a lot and revolutionary technologies in roadbike scene. Some now and some improvement. Bicycle industry today its still argue and develop a new parts to being a new "standard" in the future. But being a customer, i cant stand to not scratch my head when see the price and compatibility issues.Its interesting to see how the new invention and technologies make ours (cyclist) can ride faster, less effort and more comfortable on the road. Hopefully, the new tech can be a cheaper and have a good compatibility with common parts.

1. Disc Brake

Its true UCI banned disc brake tested in peloton after Ventoso accident, but i think it just a time when bicycle industry and cyclist push it to use disc brake in their roadbike. Why? 1. The big three (Shimano, Sram, Campagnolo) had been research and tested road disc brake in a last few years, don't you think they will let UCI blown away their research fund to be nothing? 2. Until now, full carbon rim had a braking issue. When rain comes, you better pray you can stop your bike. Dozens million Rupiah for squeeky and unreliable braking wheelset its not sound very good. Installed the disc brake and the braking issues gone. Mechanic or hydraulic? I think we batter have a choice like now.

2. Thru Axle

Its related with disc brake. Nowadays, every frame and hubs maker still argue the right size for thru axle. Some come with 12 mm and the others come with 10mm bla..bla..bla...Bicycle industry better have a good deal to release the new "standard" or i (we) better stand with quick release.

3. Electronic Groupset

This things can change your experience riding a roadbike. Can't shift your gear because you ran out of juice? Can happen with that :D Hahahahaha. Ok, Electronic groupset its a good thing, Specially in wireless side. They come in the right time. Lot of modern road frame now run with internal cable routing. Its a good look but pain in the ass when installed the cable. Have you see how messy the cables in TT/Tri bike? If you using a wireless groupset you don't fuss with internal routing cable  (shifter) anymore. 

4. Power Meter

Maybe power meter can be a standard in the future. Shimano starts that with their brand new Dura Ace crankset. That thing have a build in power meter!. Its just in time when the others brand following that.

5. Bigger Volume Tyre

Nowadays, 25c its being a new 23c. When roadies have a more desired to come in many places, bigger tyres will be a must have items.

6. CX+Gravel+Tour+Aero+Climb

Mixed that up and a new perfect roadbike will be born. When today the roadbike have a lot different category, i think that category will blend it each other in the future. pro cyclist can keep their specializing bike but people want a versatile bike, and that means a bike whose fast, lightweight, comfort and can loaded with a packs. Marin come with a new terms called "utilitour" with their four corner and i think that will be a basic for future roadbike. With carbon and vibration damping technology today, its not possible to have a stiff but comfy frame (and fork). Add some eyelett, space for bigger tyres (maybe like 32c?) fender and maybe you can see people use aerobike for touring :D (I know i will say the aero design doesnt useful when bag or pannier loaded but still we have aero advantages, even reduce by the bags . Sidewind? Well..just dont design that bike like a tri/TT bike)

7. A new BB "standard"

I miss the day when cyclist only use a conventional threaded BB. Their easy to install and maintenance (hail to HT 2 BB) compared with pressfit BB today. Like push and pull pressfit BB doesnt enough, you will face a compatibilty issue (i know there's many company produce BB adaptor, but they dont come cheap, and why we must spend more money to that??). In pursue of stiffness, every frame maker push their though to market. BB30, BB90/BB95, PF86/92, BB30, BB30A, PF30, BBright, BB386, and EVO T47 . Headache? Yes i'm too. Its confusing and sucks.... Conventional threaded still the best for me till manufacturer comes with one new "standard"

Ride On!

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