Thursday, 11 August 2016

Climbing Tips For Mortal Cyclist

Climbing its the parts in ride..and you can say in life too. Like everybody already knows, climbing its never easy. It needs strength, strategy and patient to conquered it. I think majority of people will say climbing its sucks, yes.. im in too but... lucky (poor) me, terrain in my place was consist a lot of short climb! I can't turn around to look another route. So i must faced it every time i rode...huuuuuuuu.

Since climbing (short) always being part of my ride, it insist me to learn how to pass it with minimum fuss. Don't get me wrong, i'm still favorited a flat or descent but i really have to dealt and peace with climb. In web, you can googling lot of tips for climbing but in this article, i will share my experience to deal with it.

1. Never see the top the beginning i always see the top of the hill when climbed. In a short climb that's ok, but in a long climb err....i felt wavy legs, breathe become harder and harder and hufff.......i lost my power and confidence. I wanna get to the top fast but, bombing+70kg body weight+mid end bike doesn't end well. So after that, i tried look only my front tyre when faced a long climb. Why? Because i don't need to see the top of the hill to pass the climb. I don't need to rush and i just need concentrate to powered my legs push the pedal one by one. Looking the top will distract my concentration and push me to rush to the top.

2. Speed is not the issue
Like lot of cycling tips said, you need a steady cadence when facing a longggg steepppp climb. For me, its turn to speed is not the issue when climbing. I'm just a mortal, so its more important to me can get to the top than break my personal record or get a KOM. No need to rush. Patient. Enjoy hearing your heartbeat and breathe. 

I dont wanna be the walk guy
3. Keep seated
I can't resist to stand up pedalling when climbed (and i'm sure you too) but its a bad habit. i'll only get a short brute booster before my fuel decrease to E..a big E (mean empty). Keep seated and minimize my body wave can save a precious fuel.

4. One Two, One Two
Keep your rhythm. In your breathe and cadence. Its more efficient than unsteady move (speed). Left right, left, right and so on. Channeling and syncronized your breathe and cadence to get a good rhythm. 

5. Bark
Sometimes i see myself and others shout some word in the middle of hard climb. Actually its a expression and stress relief in a hard situation. It is ok to do that right? Hmm..i think you better save your energy to pedalling than shouting out loud. Your face its enough to express your feeling, dont need to tell anyone you frustrated. 

Climb? Calm down...lets face it

Ok, that's my tips to get over the top. Remember, this is a tips from and for a mortal cyclist. Maybe it doesn't work for the KOM hunters. Lets ride it on and faced climb like a man.

Ride On!

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