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Cycling News Selection 7/29/2016

Don't Get Doored: How to Ride Safely Around Parked Cars

One of the most common causes of bike crashing is a stopped motorist who suddenly opens a door into the path of an approaching rider. Each year, hundreds of cyclists are injured or killed in such crashes. The best way to prevent this is to avoid pedaling in the “door zone”—the three- to five-foot area next to a parked car. Read more...

Dehydration and Cognitive FunctionDoes getting thirsty make you dumber?

One of the presentations that caught my attention at last month’s American College of Sports Medicine meeting in Boston was a look at the links between dehydration and cognitive function, from Christopher Irwin and his colleagues at Griffith University in Australia. Read more..

7 Performance Fabric Myths Everyone Believes

The advances in fabric technology have accelerated faster than Mark Cavendish in a sprint finish at the Tour de France—so it's not surprising cyclists aren't always sure what to believe and what to question about the materials for cycling clothing. Read more...

Giant Defy Advanced 3 review

Giant’s disc-equipped Defy Advanced 3, like all the Defy family, is designed for endurance – covering big miles in serious comfort with the ability to entertain, should the fancy take you. Like the entire model family, it’s solely available with disc brakes. The Taiwanese firm reckons speed, confidence and control are this bike’s calling cards. We tested the slightly more handsomely equipped Advanced 2 last year, and it will be interesting to see how this Tiagra-wearing incarnation fares against similarly priced competition. Read more..

Examining the myth: Why are punctures more frequent in the rain?

There are many reasons why riders abhor the rain, be it the discomfort of wet clothing (wet socks are the worst), the risk of coming unstuck, or the extra maintenance required to clean up the bike and keep it running smoothly and quietly. Having spent several years as a year-round commuter, I thought I was familiar with all of the reasons why it was worth staying off the bike on a rainy day, but one recently caught me by surprise. Apparently there is also a bigger risk of getting a puncture. Read more...

Festka One frameset review

Festka is a bespoke frame-building company based in Czech Republic. The company is perhaps best known for its adventurous paint schemes however buyers will find there is a deep catalogue of options, including a choice of steel, carbon or titanium. In this review, Australian tech editor Matt Wikstrom takes a closer look at the One, Festka’s high-end carbon fibre road frameset. Read more...

Fizik Volta R1

The Volta R1 is Fizik's take on what it calls 'the classic saddle shape', and is designed to let you move around and sit in any position. With all the anatomical saddles out there with dips, curves and cut-outs, is the Volta more than just a retro gimmick? Well, as someone who suffers with lower back pain – something the Volta is meant to combat – it didn't really have much effect, but I don't tend to move around in the saddle much. If you do, it might suit you well...Read more...

Cycling survival — 13 beginner mistakes to avoid

We were all beginners once and we all made mistakes. In the hope of helping new riders avoid the biggest errors, here's a baker's dozen blunders that you should steer clear of. Read more...


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