Wednesday, 29 June 2016

The Broom Wagon

A cycling term, the “Broom Wagon” or “Voiture Balai” on French, is the vehicle follow at the back of the cycling road race. May carry equipment, food, rider luggage, or mechanics. May picking up the stragglers (or sweeping them up) who are unable to make it to the finish of the race within the time permitted. Either they too weak to finish the race or injured at the race.

Broom Wagon was seen first at the Tour de France 1910, and really carry a broom fixed above the driver's cab. That's the way Broom Wagon terms come up. Since that time, Broom Wagon has a been a permanent fixture. It is in every pro race in the world: single day or multi-stage.

Nowadays, Broom Wagon not just following a group of cyclists in a race, but tour or recreational ride sometimes had a Broom Wagon too. It’s a good things if your cycling group have a Broom Wagon and follow your peloton in every single ride. That’s gonna get you peace in mind, knowing always had a vehicle ready to pick you up when shit happens.

For amateur cyclist, Broom Wagon existence maybe give them peace in mind but not for the Pro’s. Sweeping up with Broom Wagon on a race its the last thing in their wish list. Its kind like of “Walk of Shame” for them.

Pedal faster! The Broom Wagon almost catch you

Ride On!

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