Sunday, 19 June 2016

Newbie Need To Know About: Training, Maintenance & Hydration


Coutney Rowe, lead coach at Rowe & King

“My advice to anyone starting out is to find a quality group in your area that you can ride with. One that started out at entry level but has moved on, one that will understand where you’re at and encourage you to progress.”

Eddie Fletcher, Lead Sports Scientist with Wattbike

“There is a place for some high intensity training, but not in isolation – it needs to be part of a well-balanced training plan, otherwise it can be both limiting in training effectiveness, and detrimental to overall wellbeing.

“By doing only high intensity workouts, the body won’t develop beyond a certain point. And if your high intensity training isn’t balanced with the correct mix of lower intensity, longer duration training, and suitable recovery periods, it will lead to excess fatigue and ultimately reduced performance, illness and injury.”

Alex Dowsett, Pro Rider with Movistar

“Don’t bite off more than you can chew, instead build up your riding steadily. This will also help to keep your morale intact. Don’t imagine you can enter an elite race when you’ve only been on a couple of rides. Set small goals and as you tick them off it will keep your confidence up.


Neil Holman, Owner and Mechanic at George Halls Cycle Centre

 “Learn how to change an innertube and use a patch kit to repair a tube if you’re out of spares. A puncture is the most common problem and many people struggle with it, especially in the rear wheel.”

Chain Reaction

“Get clued-up on mending a chain. If you snap a chain and haven’t got the tool to fix it, it can be a long walk home. Even if you put your rear derailleur in the wheel, if you can shorten the chain, at least you can still ride the bike and get home single speed.”


DR James Morton, Nutritionist with Team SKY

“The general rule to avoid dehydration when cycling is to drink 500-800ml of fluid per hour – depending on the weather. But when starting out you should follow your thirst and drink as you feel the need. New riders also need to practise re-hydration after exercise”

Source: Cycling Plus 7/2016 "Perfect Start"

Ride On!

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