Sunday, 29 May 2016

Keep Rollin on The Trail/Road Pack

Ready to hit the trail? Don't forget to pack things below keep you rollin. can be your commuting mandatory pack too :D

Puncture repair kit

If you get a puncture, fitting a new tube will be quicker than mending the flat out on the trail. If your spare has a Presta valve it’ll fit both Presta and Schrader rim drillings. It’s good to carry a repair kit too, just in case you get a second flat.


You’ll need this if you puncture or want to adjust your tyre pressures mid ride.


Take the minimum you need for fixing common mechanicals. Multi-tool with chain tool, Bent spoke, Chain ‘master link’, Plier style multi-tool, Tyre levers, Spoke key, Zipties, Spare M5 and M6 bolts.

Rubber gloves

These will stop your riding gloves getting soaked or covered in grease during trailside repairs.

First aid kit

Make sure you at least have the basics so you can patch yourself or a friend up – plasters, bandages, antiseptic or disinfectant cream or wipes, and so on.

Energy gel or a banana

When you get tired, you’ll be grateful for these. Both provide an energy boost. Cereal bars and flapjacks are good options too.


Make sure it’s charged, and keep it safe and dry. Bring a few transparent plastic bag to make sure your belonging still dry in wetties condition.


Either in a hydration pack or in a bottle attached to your bike with a bottle cage.


If you’re not going to be back before dark, or will be cutting it fine, stick a set of basic get-me-home trail lights in your pack. Better safe than sorry.

Alright, pack your belonging and go gets some fun!

Source: Mountain Biking UK 6/2016 "Whats in the pack"

Ride On!

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