Thursday, 26 May 2016

Avoiding the Bonk

Maybe lot of cyclist had feel it. You feel the ride its so fuck'in hard to continue, feeling dizzy, frustration and maybe want to puke when see the bicycle :D. I 've experienced bonk once and after that learn to prevent it, and this is how to avoiding the bonk. check it out:

“Our muscles and brain rely on carbohydrate in the form of glucose from the bloodstream or stored glycogen for fuel,” Andrea Docherty, a sports dietitian in London, Ont., said. “When people bonk, they have run out of fuel in the tank, meaning their glycogen stores are empty and their blood sugar is low.”

 “Without fuel for the muscles, a cyclist may begin to feel weak, lethargic and unable to pedal,” she said. “Because the brain no longer has a steady supply of fuel, this can lead to feeling easily irritated, emotional, dizzy and confused. The ride may start to feel incredibly difficult to continue, or you may feel irritable and have difficulty focusing.”

A bonk is hard to bounce back from, so a cyclist’s best bet is to prevent one in the first place. “Glycogen is like gas in the tank of a car, and you want to have this full before entering a ride,” she said. “What you eat just before a workout won’t impact glycogen stores, but it can help to maintain your blood sugar levels.” Outside of that, Docherty recommends a higher carbohydrate diet to ensure you recover glycogen stores after and between your workouts.

“For rides longer than  60–90 minutes, fuelling with easily digestible carbohydrates will be required to maintain blood sugar levels and prevent glycogen depletion,” Docherty said. Sports drinks, which also provide much needed hydration, as well as gels, dried fruit and energy chews are all easy options for cyclists. They should be taken early and often, starting at about 15 to 20 minutes into a long ride.

Should you find yourself in the throes of a bonk, the best thing to do is just what my friend and saviour that day suggested – take in some quick-acting fuel. “If you feel yourself starting to bonk, you need to get your blood sugar levels up,” Docherty said.

“Consume simple sugars that are easily digested and that will quickly enter the bloodstream, such as a sports drink, gels or chews. Consuming solid food, like an energy bar, will take longer for your body to break down and not increase your blood sugar fast enough.”

Bonking is something that many new cyclists experience but does not need to be a part of learning to ride. :D

Source: Canadian Cycling June-July 2016 " Avoiding the Bonk"

Ride On!

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