Wednesday, 27 April 2016

Titanium Fact on Bicycle

titanium tubing
1. Pure titanium is relatively soft, so aluminium and vanadium are added to increase strength but retain workability. Add more aluminium and youll increase the strength and stiffness but reduce ductility, so you can get cracking. Adding more vanadium increases ductility but reduces stiffness, so it’s a balancing act. –Dr. Martin Jackson, University of Sheffield.

2. Titanium has a far greater ability to bend witout breaking, elongating by up to 25% compared to around 15% for steel and 8% for aluminium.

3. 50% of the overall cost of titanium is attributable to getting it out of the ground and into a form where it can be cast into the solid ingots that are extruded into tubes.

4. The steel industry makes more steel in an hour than the titanium industry does in a year.

Resumed from Cyclist magazine 5/2016, "Life of Ti"

Ride On!

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