Sunday, 6 March 2016

Talking About Bike Commuting Gears

Its been a awhile this blog had an update, hehehehehe

I'm still busy with daily routine, a new toy and new hobbie. I modified some parts in Yamaha NMAX and learned to cooked many Chinese dishes. 

So recently, i had a little chance to do B2W and i miss it.

When the right time comes, and the weather seems nice, ill go B2W. How about cycling in weekend,? Hufftt...i had many plate on my mind of what i had to do in every weekend :D.

So, talking about bike commuting...recently i realize many apparel company produce commuting cycling gear. You can find bike commuting gear from head to toe. 

Its a good news for us, who active using bike almost every day.

Commuting cycling gear had many different approach from mountain or road cycling. You can use a tight lycra pants on speeding with road bike, but you will realize it attract too many attention when window shopping in mall. Strap a cleat MTB shoes, go out there and you will find its not to appropriate when using it with jeans and t-shirt.

To started, what kinds of gears its cool to use it when commuting? You can look and imitated bike courier gear. Maybe its not fit for you but you can find something useful to had it.

In the next few weeks, i will informed you the cool bike commuting gears. Stay tuned and geat cycling out there.

See ya.

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