Friday, 9 January 2015

Cycling Humor Pt. 2

Ketawa lagi yuk? :D

Q: "What is recycling?"

A: "Getting on your bike twice."

guarantee no flat

The real cyclist prepare to born....

Ring the bell

A tired cyclist stuck his thumb out for a lift. After 3 hours he hadn't got anyone to stop. Eventually, a guy in a sports car pulled over and offered him a lift but, of course, the bike wouldn't fit in the car. The driver got some rope out of his boot [trunk] and tied it to his bumper. He tied the other end to the
bike and told the rider, 'If I go too fast, ring your bell and I'll slow down.'

Everything went well until another sports car overtook them. The driver forgot all about the cyclist and put his foot down. A short distance down the road, they hammered through a speed trap. The cop with the radar gun radioed ahead to his colleague that 2 sports cars were heading his way at over 150 mph. He then added, 'And you're not going to believe this - there's a cyclist behind them ringing his bell to pass.'

Any comment?....

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Run with fats, not oils

Ride On!

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