Friday, 31 October 2014

Shimano Sora

Bagi anda yang ingin menggunakan drive train 2x9 speed, Shimano Sora adalah salah satu groupset yang mengakomodir keinginan anda. Tahun ini, brifter Shimano Sora mengalami update yang signifikan, dari thumb lever menjadi STI. Shimano Sora tersedia dalam paket groupset, yang terdiri dari:

1. Triple/Dual Chainrings (46/34, 50/34, 50/39/30) Hollow Tech 2 BB
2. 2/3x9 STI Shifters
3. 9 speed Rear Derailleur (wide range, accomodate sprocket up to 32t)
4. 2/3 speed Front Derailleur
5. Brakes
6. Sprocket (11-25/11-30/11-32/12-25/12-27/13-25/14-25)
7. Hubs (32 holes)
8. Brake and shift lever (for flatbar)

Review? From

Shimano Sora performance

Sora has always had a slightly agricultural feel about it — gear changes tend to need positive force and aren’t quite as smooth as the more refined road cycling options in Shimano’s stable — however, that’s also its most endearing quality.

Sora is most often fitted to aluminium bikes around £700 to £800 and at this price point people tend to want something that works securely, all-year-round, and are happy to forego a little refinement in exchange for reassuring function. To that end, Sora delivers.

In fact, calling it ‘agricultural’ is a little harsh — ‘utilitarian’ would be fairer. It simply works. Rear gear changes might not swoosh quite so imperceptibly as Ultegra, but we’ve rarely — if ever — found ourselves cursing a misbehaving Sora rear derailleur. Similarly, all Shimano’s front derailleurs work very assuredly, and the Sora version is no exception. It’s also a very receptive system for home mechanics to work on.

Sora’s not all perfect, though. Those unexceptional-looking brakes are unexceptional in performance too. A swap to improved aftermarket brake blocks certainly helps, but fresh out the box we’d prefer the supposedly lesser Claris brakes.



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