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Shimano Claris, Entry Level Roadbike Groupset

Shimano Claris, merupakan grupset entry level (2/3 x 8 speed) untuk roadbike yang cukup menarik bagi anda yang merakit roadbike budget. Shimano Claris tersedia dalam paket groupset lengkap, yang terdiri dari:

1. Triple/Dual Chainrings (50/34, 50/39/30, 46/34) Octalink BB
2. 2/3x8 STI Shifters
3. Brakes and shifters lever for flatbar
4. 8 speed Rear Derailleur (wide range, accomodate sprocket up to 32t)
5. 2/3 speed Front Derailleur
6. Brakes
7. Sprocket (12-21, 12-23, 12-25)
8. Hubs (32/36 holes)

Review? Get it from cyclingweekly, here they are:

Claris put to the test

In use, Claris is a surprisingly adept performer. As expected, gear changes aren’t quite as smooth and refined as Shimano’s ‘posher’ options, but once set-up correctly, it all works very impressively. The relative lack of rear sprockets isn’t a huge issue — in fact, some would argue the eight-speed system is slightly easier to adjust than the more advanced options — but that largest possible 32-tooth rear sprocket is of noticeable assistance on climbs. As with Shimano’s Sora and Tiagra groupsets, the levers feature a small window so you can see which gear you are in.

The brake calipers look a lot those found in a previous version of Shimano’s 105 groupset, and also work very securely. As with most stock brakesets, fitting new aftermarket brake blocks will improve their performance. Meanwhile, the levers are comfortable and feel very similar to Shimano’s other systems.

Finally, there’s no getting away from the fact that the lower down Shimano’s order you go, the heavier the groupset becomes. However, in action we doubt any rider would notice any weight difference between this and, say, Shimano Sora or Tiagra.

So Shimano Claris features all the engineering expertise you would expect from the Japanese component giant. It might be a little heavier and a little less silky-smooth to operate than its more expensive siblings, but Claris is very much a ‘proper’ Shimano groupset.


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